Altos de Ochomogo, Costa Rica


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Presidente de Costa RicaVia Costarricense – proyecto pais is a civic movement that transcends party borders. It seeks to incorporate all sectors of society. It is an open space that summons the citizens identified with the need for a profound change in the direction of our society. Its objective is to develop a shared vision of the best possible Costa Rica, and realize it in the decades to come. As the only requirement, it expects from those who participate a renewed sense of personal responsibility in front of our own development, a disposition open to all positions and a constructive attitude.

Our dream is one: reinvent Costa Rica so that many more people can aspire for a Good Living; contribute innovative ideas to build a better country, find Costa Rica's direction again. Our method is participation. That is why we were born inviting the Costa Rican citizens to share their ideas and proposals, and assume a leading role in the design of a new Costa Rica.

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