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First Mandate | Make decisions for the good of all

José María was president of Costa Rica between 1994 and 1998, becoming the youngest Head of State in the modern history of Latin America.

Presidente de Costa Rica Presidente de Costa RicaIn February 1994 elections, Costa Ricans distinguished me with the honor of being their president, a position I held from May 1994 until May 1998. The organizing axis of our government work was Sustainable Development. We were looking for a balance between economic, social and environmental policies. We promote renewable energy. We import the first electric vehicle and bus to Costa Rica. We created the environmental services payment financed with the carbon emission tax and promoted many other policies that made the environment an opportunity for economic growth and good living.

Based on Sustainable Development we consolidated two conglomerates of economic activities in which we were convinced that the country could succeed. The first was ecotourism, which linked the beauty of our national parks with the employment and investment in tourist facilities throughout the country. The second conglomerate was high technology, based on Intel's successful introduction in Costa Rica with an investment of 600 million dollars in 1996-1997. Today, these two conglomerates are the main economic activities of the country and the main sources of employment.

Costa Rica's President

Costa Rica's President

Costa Rica's President

Costa Rica's President