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Ruta 2021

Job, Job and more Jobs!

Nowadays Costa Rica faces an employment crisis with 10% of people without habing a job and which is directly reflected in 20% of our population in poverty. We must implement the necessary measures that allow us to change the landscape for 2021, the bicentennial of our Costa Rica.

2021 goals:

  •  350,000 new jobs - reduction of unemployment up to 5%
  •  60,000 families out of poverty - decrease up to 15% people in this situation
  •  Lower carbon emissions - achieve carbon neutrality in the country

6 development clusters

We must take advantage of the competitive advantages the country has and for this, we will promote 6 new clusters such as "Intel", which opened the door to more than 300 technology companies in the country, generating quality jobs, exports and welfare in our country.

Bio fuels
  • Costa Rica its capable of producing its own agricultural fuels that allow us to stop relying on imported diesel and generate more new jobs in rural areas by planting 250,000 castor oil hectares.

Solar energy
  • Convert each house roof into a mini-electric power plant and start producing our own energy from renewable sources. This will generate plenty of new jobs and new incomes for families living in poverty.

Green Data Centers
  • Let's turn Costa Rica into the Green Data Centers capital: we know how to build them, we have the necessary capacity to operate them and we can also take advantage from our renewable energies.

Export Medical Services
  • Many foreigners already come to Costa Rica for private medical treatment. We can offer competitive prices that allow us to attract over 300,000 potential customers and generate jobs in the health sector.

  • Students in the United States and Europe usually study a semester outside their country. We can attract 60,000 students to our universities to reactivate economy and generate more jobs in wide variety of sectors.

New ways of Tourism
  • We have everything to enhance Costa Rica even more within the field of tourism. With 500,000 new tourists per year, investing as minimum $1.000,00 USD in the country, we will generate jobs, mainly in rural areas.

The main Costa Rica's problems are: fist - employment, second - employment and third - employment

Jose Maria Figueres Olsen