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Let's be great in harmony with the environment.

Ruta 2021

Costa Rica is recognized worldwide for its great efforts to protect the environment and it is time to take advantage from this. By 2021, the bicentennial for our country, we must aim to take advantage of the resources available for development in an efficient and sustainable manner.

2021 goals:

  •  Turn Costa Rica into the world leader in eco-efficiency making the care of the planet an economically profitable activity that will lead us to carbon neutrality.
  •  Generate employment in Costa Rica by taking care of the environment.

5 axes in order to achieve these goals

Costa Rica has 5% of the world's biodiversity and we should take advantage of this without harming it in any way

  • We must produce our energy 100% through renewable sources and this means, driving solar energy on the roofs of homes to generate energy savings up tp 15%. At the same time, promote the use of alternative renewable energies such as wind to drastically reduce the environment pollution.

  • The challenge is to improve public transportation and minimize car's dependency in the Greater Metropolitan Area, also reducing the damage to the environment. For this, we need to have a modern electric train, buses articulated in exclusive lanes, drive hybrid and electric vehicles and build more bikeways in urban areas.

Use of Soils
  • Historically we have been an agricultural country and today, we need to generate more new jobs through activities of this type that reduces our carbon footprint. Produce our own biofuels through the castor plant will allow us to create jobs and stop relying on imported and third party diesel.

  • We have more territory in the seas than on our mainland; therefore, we must pay even more attention. We will generate a National Plan for Black Water Treatment to stop rivers and seas pollution. Also, we will increase marine conservation areas by 15% by 2020.

National Parks
  • Our national parks must be economically self-sufficient without affecting their main objective: biodiversity protection. We will create 4 new urban parks in the Greater Metropolitan Area and we will promote the Naturban routes project in the city throughout the Costa Rican territory.

Climate change is an irrefutable fact and we must generate economic and social developments without endangering the planet.

José María Figueres Olsen